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All that is midori will be here. This is your first stop before you can Begin your Journey.

6 6 Rare Pokemon
by Ambrosian Wolf
Jun 15, 2014 7:48:43 GMT
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You can talk about anything here.

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2 3 Should the side bar switch side?
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2014 19:26:42 GMT
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83 122 Fodlan Chronicles: A Fire Emblem Based RP
by Sothis
Feb 7, 2020 14:44:47 GMT
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Going Somewhere? Post here so we know

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Contests will be placed here. Special events here as well

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Character hub

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No New Posts Character Create

Create your characters here. Wait to be aproved before you start to RPG

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4 11 Yixing "Xing" Kim
by Ambrosian Wolf
Jun 29, 2014 5:19:12 GMT
No New Posts Character Personal Computer

This is your character's Own Personal Computer. You can Store Pokemon and items here. Limited to one Per Character

3 3 Rosalie Ellia's PC
by Ambrosian Wolf
Jun 29, 2014 5:22:00 GMT
No New Posts Character Plots and Relations

Here you can discuss plots around multiple characters. Relationships can also be Discussed here.

This Board Does NOT have to be in character

1 1 Calamity's Puppets [wip]
by Calamity
Jun 29, 2014 19:42:55 GMT

Midori Region

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No New Posts Kaishi Town

Welcome to kaishi Town. A much smaller town Consisting of a pokemon center, a pokemon, And Professor Rosehorn's pokemon Laboratory. Just south is the dock in which trainers who are coming from other regions will arrive. The Town in nestled in the western part of Midori region.

Sub-boards: Lab, Docks

3 4 Player two, press start [mod/starter]
by Susie Culpepper
Jun 29, 2014 17:48:35 GMT
No New Posts Route One

The main lake of Kaishi Town flows through this land and provides decent fishing. Most pokemon are scared away from this area due to the near town. However the trees are homes to the few bird pokemon.

1 1 The Pokemon
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 11, 2013 6:22:00 GMT
No New Posts Route Two

Farther along the path you will find a field of flowers, all fed by the passing stream. Along with that are many scattered fruit trees. The ideal place for a picknicker or artist.

1 1 Route two Pokemon
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 11, 2013 23:11:34 GMT
No New Posts Sakura Forest

A large, beautiful, and deep forest of Cherry Blossom trees, the outskirts of the forest contain no danger, but the deeper in you go, the more likely you are to run into things that aren't so pleasant. There is a single path within this forest, You may Stray from the path but beware of shadow pokemon. They are rare but shadow pokemon attacks can happen.

1 1 Sakura Forest Pokemon
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 11, 2013 23:12:35 GMT
No New Posts Salvia City

Salvia City is well known for their electricity. They supply electricity for the whole Midori region. With green rolling hills surrounding the city, all their electricity comes from windmills so their electricity supply is endless. The citizens of Salvia City are happy and easy-going most of the time. The gym leader, Elinor, uses Electric-type Pokémon, in which she is also the first gym leader in the Midori region. Salvia City is a hotspot for new trainers who are looking for someone to battle. Mint is commonly used here in Salvia City, since Salvia is a type of mint. Salvia City is made of mostly high rise buildings but the citizens do a good job at keeping the city clean. This city is always bustling with activity. It may look like a typical city in the day, but Salvia City is aglow with lights of every color at night.

Sub-board: Salvia Gym

2 2 Elinor
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 0:00:05 GMT
No New Posts Route Three

After passing through the many hills and windmills of Salvia City, Route 3 is your next destination. With one main path to follow, it is quite simplistic compared to other areas in Midori. To the path's left is a field of flowers, ranging from daffodils and roses, to nearly any flower your heart might desire! Beware of Bug-types, since they have a tendency to curl up amongst the comfy blossoms. To the right is Ruina Lake, which is teeming with Water-types for anyone willing to fish them out! A peaceful place and quite lighthearted, a perfect place for a sunset picnic or even a night of stargazing. And as for following the path, it takes you straight to Mizu Park, where baby Pokémon galore!

Sub-board: Ruina Lake

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No New Posts Mizu Park

Mizu park has many cute pokemon. Which is why it was called Mizu park. Travel through can catch many cute and baby pokemon as you head Towards Mizuki City and your next gym.

1 1 Mizu Park Pokemon
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 0:02:36 GMT
No New Posts Mizuki City

Mizuki City. Home to Midori's News Center, it's the largest city in the region. Skyscrapers and apartment complexes make up this metropolis, some towering as high as a few hundred feet. The people living in the area find it a safe and suitable environment, though there is nothing in particular that catches trainers' eyes, other than the Normal-type Gym that awards the first Midori region badge. Much like that of Hearthome or Jubilife located in Sinnoh.=

Sub-board: Mizuki gym

1 1 Erin
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 0:30:37 GMT
No New Posts Route Four

If sunlight is what you seek, you might want to turn back now. Route 4, known across the Midori Region for its Dark Forest, never sees that sun, cloaked perpetually by the shadows of night. The trees, completely hollow and seemingly lifeless, stand roughly as tall as an Ursaring, some even taller than that. Thorn bushes are scattered chaotically across the ground, making it incredibly hard to travel through. The trails are ancient; some have even disappeared under the overgrown thorns. It is a daunting task to make it through this dark and perplexing forest, since ghost-types typically love to give trainers a scare. It is wise to carry along a Pokémon that knows Foresight, and is definitely not for the young of heart.

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No New Posts ShadowPoint City

Shadow Point City. A town bordering Route 3, it also shares in the perpetual shadows of the Dark Forest. Most people that reside here have never seen the precious sun we call our light, and most never journey beyond the outskirts of town, for fear of what might lay beyond its eternal darkness. The only available source of light is the gigantic Generator that powers the few neighborhoods scattered across its lifeless land. Children are never allowed to wander alone, should a Ghost Pokémon appear out of nowhere and steal one away in the night. Every door and window is kept locked no matter what. Not many trainers visit the area because of its seclusion, though there is a gym here that deals specially in a combination of Dark- and Ghost-type Pokémon.

Sub-board: Shadowpoint Gym

1 1 Darcy
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 1:03:11 GMT
No New Posts Route Five

Looking for a way out of the shadows? Well here's your one-way ticket to sunlight! At the edge of Shadow Point City lies the Underground Tunnel, also known as Route 5, and it leads straight to Cadarac Desert and Fire Point Pass (see Route 6). Quite spacious, spanning almost twenty feet wide and nearly fifteen feet high, it was created years ago by a family of Excadrill, and since has been modified and remodeled by the miners at Fire Point, to make it trainer-friendly and safe, of course. Wouldn't want an avalanche of rocks crashing down on your head, right? Ground-types are seen quite often around this area, and if you're lucky you may catch sight of a Rock-type or two as well. It is suggested to bring a Pokémon who knows Flash, however, or it could be just as dark as the shadows you're leaving behind…

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No New Posts Route Six

Route 6 is one of the longer, more complex routes. It starts out as Cadarac Desert, one of the hottest, driest places in Midori (aside from Fire Point City). Quicksand is highly active in the area, so watch where you step! Sandstorms appear periodically, so it is best to carry goggles along, to keep the sand out of your eyes. The area is also teeming with Ground-types, though you may spot a Fire-type along the way occasionally. After making your way through the desert, you will come across a volcano pass. Known as Fire Point Pass, it takes you straight to the next city, which is literally inside the volcano! Fire-types are more frequent here, as the temperature starts to rise dramatically from this point, but many Ground-types are still prominent along this path.

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No New Posts Firestone City

Firestone City is located in the middle of a volcano, making it somewhat secluded from the rest of the Midori region. This city has had a long and gruesome history. Back in the old days, there was a man by the name of Magnus, meaning big in Latin. He really and truly lived up to his name. He and his partner, Typhlosion, felt the need to conquer the whole Midori region. City after city fell under their reign one at a time. Then one day, Magnus encountered a trainer by the name of Firestone. Firestone didn't want Magnus to take over another city, so he challenged him to a battle. On and on they fought, and soon everyone started taking sides and this turned into war. It was called the Midori Revolution. In the end, Firestone was able to take down Magnus, but he sacrificed his life in the process. In honor of Firestone's bravery, the people of the Midori region made Firestone City and purposely built it in the middle of a volcano to show the fiery spirit that Firestone possessed. A statue of Firestone guards Firestone City, and the Firestone Festival is celebrated once a year to honor him. Firestone City isn't full of skyscrapers like most cities are. Because of the heat, there are only medium-sized homes and a few other buildings (workplaces, a small department store, etc.) but everyone here lives a happy life. Mining is a huge business here, as it is the only place where mining exists in the Midori region. Firestone City is also the center of engineering in the Midori region, and all the cities get all their engineered products from Firestone City.

Sub-board: Firestone Gym

1 1 Damon
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 3:21:23 GMT
No New Posts Route Seven

After leaving the fiery volcano of Fire Point City, it's time to get wet! Travel out of the other side of the volcanic pass to end up in Route 7, a beautiful sandy beach. Wind whistling through your hair, the waves calming and peaceful; a perfect place to take a break and soak up the sun! You'll definitely need a Pokémon that knows Surf and can ride the tides, because making it to the next town is no simple task. Whirlpools dot the area, so be careful not to fall in! The currents make for a surprising twist, so be ready for any amount of Water-types before you arrive in Seaport City.

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Midori Islands

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No New Posts Seaport City

Living by the sea is one thing, but imagine living on top of it! These people live that way, using fortified trees and logs to form the ground they stand and build upon. Various huts and houses dot the area, and the most of the people learn to swim by the age of five. Normally you can find various sailors, surfers, or fishers around the area, and it is home to Midori's fifth Gym.

Sub-board: Seaport gym

1 1 Ryan
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 3:43:34 GMT
No New Posts Route Eight


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No New Posts Otoshi City

Catching a Charter Plane along Route 8 takes you straight to Otoshi City, the only place known in existence to literally hover above the clouds! Utilizing advanced Hovercraft and Propeller technology, this floating city defies gravity, floating straight into the stratosphere. Skyscrapers thrive in the city, floating on individual Hovercrafts connected by high-tech bridges to get around. The sixth gym is located here, and awards a Wing Badge if you manage to defeat its leader, who actually helped build much of the city's advanced machinery used today. Other forms of transport include the Hot Air Balloon, or even your own Flying-type Pokémon, if it's big enough to carry you, that is!

Sub-board: Otoshi Gym

1 1 Otoshi
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 3:48:03 GMT
No New Posts Route Nine


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No New Posts Doku Point City

Doku Point City is the home of the Pokemon Rangers in the Midori region. Prof. Hastings, the head of all the rangers, visits the Midori region every three months, knowing that Team Infinity could be on the loose any moment. Doku Point City is known for it's festivals and recreational events. Even though it isn't a beach, this city borders the ocean and the citizens here enjoy the sea breeze. Doku Point City is considered the cleanest and safest city in the Midori region. It's also the home of the biggest shopping mall in the world. The Pokemon Trainer School is located here. Many famous celebrities visit Doku Point City. The city is made of mostly skyscrapers and posh shopping centers with a bunch of different kinds of stadiums, too.

Sub-board: Doku Gym

1 1 weston
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 4:00:57 GMT
No New Posts Route Ten


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No New Posts Route Eleven


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No New Posts Ryutanna City

After floating in a Hot Air Balloon all across Route 11, I bet it feels good to move those legs again! Welcome to Ryutanna City, also known as the City of Dragons! Here, Dragon-type Pokémon wander freely, and many even have statues erected in their honor. It is surrounded by a gigantic dome-like wall, not only to protect the wandering Pokémon, but also to keep the environment similar to that of the Dragon's Den in Johto. The people around the city live in stone buildings, since the weather is normally a lot warmer in these parts, and you will also find your final Gym challenge here. If you manage to defeat the Dragon Tamer, you will receive the Fang Badge as your reward.

Sub-board: Ryutanna Gym

1 1 Kristoff
by Ambrosian Wolf
Nov 12, 2013 3:50:55 GMT
No New Posts Route Twelve


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No New Posts Millennium City


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